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10 Things that Christians Do that Annoy Me

There are some things that bug me when I get to church and I’ve very certain I’m not the only one. I understand that we are to give grace, but I also speak the truth openly. Read the rest of this entry

Good morning!


Lately, Livy has developed a habit of waking up earlier and singing to herself in the mornings. Then she would proceed on to reaching through the grills on the cot to grab my blanket or my toes(she has a strange obsession with my toes!). And lastly, she would start picking toys from her bed and tossing them at me.

Yes… Daddy is awake now. =.='”

And finally when I get up, she’ll give me this cheerful smile. Almost to say, “good morning daddy”

Quick, cheap and easy way to get rid of drain flies

Drain flies are horrible! They breed and live off slime and gunk in drains. And they’re almost impossible to get rid off. I’ve searched the internet for various solutions from pouring boiling water into drain, to pouring in vinegar with baking soda, to scrubbing the inside of the drain( Blehh….) I checked with exterminators, it’ll cost about $200 for a visit and they’d need to do multiple visits because these flies can come back. Like… what the heck man! $200 to get rid of these damn flies?!?!?Β  Read the rest of this entry

Romantically Challenged

Marriage. What’s it like?

Being a dad

What’s it like being a dad?

Make a Space Burrito!

Here’s a recipe for space burrito! (Just in case if you do happen to go to space!) ;D

Wringing a wet towel in space

Can you actually wring a towel dry in space?

What happens when you cry in space?

This is so cool. If you cry enough in space, you might actually breathe in your own tears!

10 Ways to Reduce Pornography to Your Family

Recently there was an article that showed 1 in 2 teenagers are exposed to pornography. The study was gender biased. This means that your kid has a 50% chance of being exposed to pornographic material by the age of 13.

Here’s some stats that we don’t hear though. The percentage of people who use porn is about 53% both in church and secular community. About 40% of pastors struggle with porn in the USA. Although porn isn’t as mainstream in Singapore, it has become an acceptable norm. With the availability of the internet, we can now get porn on our mobile devices – and nobody will ever know.Β  Read the rest of this entry

Sourdough Baguettes

The crumb is beautiful and only needs to be paired with some delicious curry!

The crumb is beautiful and only needs to be paired with some delicious curry!

I’ve just managed to bake my first ever batch of baguettes!! It’s crunchy on the outside, and extremely soft and chewy on the inside! The taste is awesome! I can eat it on its own without butter or any jam.Β  Read the rest of this entry

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