Decoupage Handphone Casing


About a month ago I started this thing called decoupaging. It’s just a really fancy artsy fartsy name for gluing paper on stuff.(Trust the french to make simple things sound cheem… like “eau de toilette”, which is basically perfume lah)

Anyways, I think it’s a pretty fun art and craft thing to do and it makes it very simple to personalise a lot of stuff. All you need is some glue, brush, and patience. It’s a great project to do with kids rather than having everything bought with commercialised cartoon characters and whatnot.


First thing you need is the glue. I bought this specialised glue called Mod Podge. It can be found at either Art Friend or Spotlight. They have a whole spectrum of glues with different types of finishes. I just chose the cheapest one, which was the gloss finish.

Next, figure out what you want to stick on your medium. For me, I love teaching that’s why I’m a tutor. So I designed something that reflected one of my passions. A hint though, whatever you’re using, test a small piece with the glue first to ensure that it doesn’t run. I was too gan cheong to wait for my ink to dry completely, so when I painted the glue over, some of the red ink ran and smudged.

So just paint the medium to stick the first layer, then paint over it. Wait for it to dry(about 1-2mins), then paint again. Keep doing this till you get one single smooth finish. You may choose to spray one last layer of varnish over it. Let it dry completely and you have something special that body else has. And if you kid does it, they will have something to talk to their friends about other than just minecraft.

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