Singapore’s Jubilee!


Next year is our nation’s 50th year of independence! It’s such a big deal that babies born next year will even have special birth certificates!! Who knows, maybe they may even turn off ERP for the month of August? Or Issue GST rebate vouchers to all citizens?

But really, what’s this “jubilee” word har? Sounds like chinese for “pig compare strength”!

It so happens that jubilee has its roots from the bible. 7 is a very important number in the bible. It symbolises perfection. This is shown in Genesis where God made everything and when it was completed, He rested on the 7th day. That’s how we get our 7 days in the week, and how we also work for 6 days and rest on the 7th.

God instituted rest for every 7 days of work. He also instituted rest for the field every 7 years. And so after 7 x 7(49years) cycles of rest, the following year was declared by God to be this year of celebration and freedom! It was thus called the year of Jubilee.

According to the bible, the jubilee is a HUGE deal! It was to be the year where ALL debts are cancelled, ALL prisoners, slaves and servants are freed, ALL work was to be stopped!! It sounds like a whole year of partying and fun right? But the sad part is, true jubilee was never really celebrated in any nation, inclusive of Israel.

For obvious reasons like the country’s economy. Just imagine… our HDBs mortgage debt will be cancelled next year! Car loans cancelled. Domestic workers don’t need to fulfil their contracts. All stores will be closed. It actually sounds scarier than fun.

Truth be told, it would be impossible to have a true jubilee on earth. That’s because the real party is gonna be in heaven. It is the one place where all debts are cancelled(and we’re not just talking about money here, but that of sin), everyone is free, nobody works, and we’ll all be having the best time of eternity! That’s the real Jubilee!!

So while we are in eager anticipation for Singapore’s Jubilee, it’s a foretaste of Heaven’s Jubilee which is far greater! Meanwhile, I give thanks for God’s goodness in raising this tiny little island to be one of the best countries in the world. All glory to God indeed!

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