Blank Paper

Art is absolutely fascinating to me! It is the creative mind that allows art to exist. So what does being creative mean? Simply, to be able to create something where there was nothing. To most of us, a blank piece of paper is boring. It may even give you a sense of drudgery. Thoughts of work. And pretty soon, you get weighed down, tired, uninspired and bored.

IMG_1456 To an artist, a blank piece of paper is absolutely beautiful. Within it, there’s an infinite possibility of potential. Immediately, thoughts form into pictures, and the canvas comes alive! It’s this very same creative process that I hope to nurture in Livy. Gone are the days where our playgrounds had sand and kids could make stuff out of it. Instead, they have pre-defined toys that are pre-defined to stimulate a specific set of skills. And after the kid has mastered these pre-defined skills, the toy gets outdated and boring. Artists never get bored of the blank paper. In fact, we often can’t get enough of it.

By me saying “artist”, I don’t just mean people who can draw and paint. I mean writers, musicians, sculptors, tattooists…etc. The only difference is the medium used for their artistic expression. Granted, not everyone has the same skill set for expression, but I’m very certain that everyone is is an artist and is creative in their own way. This is simply because we are made in the image of a very creative God!

I’ve never gone to any special art classes or whatnot. The only art lessons I had were those in mainstream primary and secondary school. Both of which I hated. But later on in life, I grew interested in putting thoughts into reality – the process of creation. These are a few of my drawings when I had time to. I do hope to spend more time drawing and painting. More so, I hope that Livy will also get inspired to be happy when she gets a blank piece of paper. For now, she just crushes it and gnaws on it. But you know what, that’s absolutely fine too. Maybe one day, she’ll develop it into a love for origami!


This was a black and white water-colour painting of Livy.


This was also a water-colour painting of some macarons.Β 


This doodle was done quite a long time ago. It’s one of my favourite drawings I’ve done.Β 

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