Dayone Journal App

Have you ever thought of keeping a journal but end up giving it up after a couple of weeks? Do you wish sometimes you remember that thing that happened so you can retell it or reflect upon it?

Well, if you’re like me, you’re probably discouraged that journaling is actually more work than pleasure.

I’ve been using this app called Dayone since the December last year. I guess I was motivated to journal because I’ve always wanted to, and also to keep memories I have of Livy as she grows.

Dayone is rated as one of the top apps on iTunes for its seamless syncing and it’s simplicity. Both of which I fell in love with. Nothing irks me more than having to deal with typography, features and functions while I’m trying to get my thoughts down. Dayone inspires people to write by the simple layout. And if you use the desktop version, they even have starting questions to help you begin a habit of journaling daily.

They include functions such as tags, image placements, video link embedding, and very basic typography. The app allows social media sharing but it won’t be done like a blog so you get to decide how much privacy you wish to have. Facebook is a good place to keep memories as well, but it has some major issues with keeping things confidential. There’s also the possibilities of blog posts but as said, they aren’t catered to make writing flow.

I highly recommend it. It’s not that costly and if you love it enough, you can get the desktop version as well. I enjoy my journals and I hope you’ll find that same satisfaction with yours.

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