Singapore Botanical Gardens

Bringing the family out doesn’t have to be expensive to be fun. I get it. There are some parents out there who bring their kids to Disneyland at the age of 1month to give them the best experience possible. I have a different opinion. I think it doesn’t really matter WHERE the place is, as long as the activity is meaningful. 

We live in a generation where pleasure comes to us passively. We want to laugh, we go watch a comedy. We want to be thrilled, we sit a roller coaster. We want to be entertained, we grab our mobile devices or turn on the tv. Mobile devices aren’t the problem for kids; it is the passivity towards life that’s the problem.

So part of how I chose things for my family requires active participation. And in doing so, we create moments we treasure. Things we will remember and retell when we get older.


The Botanical Gardens is just one of those perfect places. I highly recommend it for families! There’s this cafe Food for Thought which has a wonderful playground by the side. If going to the cafe isn’t your idea, how about just a picnic? When was the last time you had a picnic? Just make a few sandwiches(sourdough bread makes excellent sandwiches!), bring water, wipes, a groundsheet, maybe a frisbee; and you’re set. Oh yeah, bring mosquito repellent just in case.


As for me, a simple kindle(reading the best comic EVER!) and enjoying my family is good enough.

On the side note, it is also good to expose children to the different types of plants in the garden. This is especially helpful when it comes to them learning science. I’ve had soooooooo many times where a student would ask me what’s a shorea, or what’s an angsana, or a cattail. And the best thing I can do is to google for them a picture of it. That’s sad because kids don’t learn by experience and discovery anymore. So enrich your children’s lives! It would be very sad that they know by experience the thrill of going to Disneyland’s “It’s a small world” but not understand how vast and wide the world is in reality!

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