10 Ways to Reduce Pornography to Your Family

Recently there was an article that showed 1 in 2 teenagers are exposed to pornography. The study was gender biased. This means that your kid has a 50% chance of being exposed to pornographic material by the age of 13.

Here’s some stats that we don’t hear though. The percentage of people who use porn is about 53% both in church and secular community. About 40% of pastors struggle with porn in the USA. Although porn isn’t as mainstream in Singapore, it has become an acceptable norm. With the availability of the internet, we can now get porn on our mobile devices – and nobody will ever know. 

Porn damages families and is solely responsible for causing sex addictions. It is also responsible for 60% of divorces. It gives kids a perverse view of sex and objectifying people.

Personally, it’s the elephant in the room in churches. And most churches and pastors aren’t comfortable addressing this issue head on. What pastors don’t get is that this $90billion dollar industry has its fingers wrapped tightly around its followers. And the less courage we have to confront this, the more ground the industry gains. Porn isn’t just confined into magazines anymore. It’s shown in many various forms from websites, videos, erotic stories, animations, cartoons, phone-sex…etc.

There’s no way to stop it completely, but here are some ways to reduce it from coming into your family:

1. Google safesearch 

Turn on the google safesearch on all your internet connected devices. After you’re done, lock it.

2. Bing safesearch

Do the same for Bing search

3. Youtube Family filter

Scroll down to the bottom of youtube pageScreen Shot 2014-09-24 at 12.02.53 pmTurn on the safety

4. Lock your PC

For mac users, go to your settings and click on parental controls.

Screen Shot 2014-09-24 at 12.04.46 pmThis prevents your kid from installing apps without your password or permission.

5. Don’t Let your Kids know your password

I’m sure one day we will be able to unlock our PCs using our thumbprints, but until then, just don’t let your kids know your password. If they do, then just change it now.

6. Sign up for Accountability

This is not just for your kid, but for adults as well. Try X3watch for free.

7. Check histories and caches

Periodically check your kid’s mobile device history and caches.

8. Get them a kindle instead of a tablet

Limit their possibility of doing internet searches. Kindles are good for them to be entertained with books.

9. Place the family computer in the living room

This ensures that all browsing is to be done in public.

10. Talk to your kid openly about it

The best way to fight pornography is to talk to your kid about what it is so that they can be aware of it and its dangers. A healthy and open communication will help your kid relate to you better, especially when other kids in school bring porn; your kid will then know how and when to walk away from it.

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