10 Things that Christians Do that Annoy Me

There are some things that bug me when I get to church and I’ve very certain I’m not the only one. I understand that we are to give grace, but I also speak the truth openly.

1. Walk in after the music or worse, when the sermon has started

I know there are times when you’re caught in a jam or rain or whatever, so occasionally it’s ok to be late with legitimate reasons. But there are others who perpetually walk in late. Really, you leave a bad testimony. It’s as simple as sleeping a little earlier on saturday and waking up a little earlier on Sunday. God isn’t asking you to go to Africa!! It’s just waking up! Even birds can do it!!! If it’s important to you, then show it.

2. Come to service and then fall asleep during sermon

Occasionally, you may have a tough week. You know, if you’re really tired, take the day off and rest. It is sabbath afterall. But if you want to come and listen to God’s word, be serious about it. Take notes, tap it in your mobile device, draw a mind map. Do whatever it takes so you are a hearer and listener of God’s word – not a sleeper.

3. Can’t keep off mobile devices

Yes, people message you and you need to check. But I’ve seen some people who are actively just surfing the web, googling what to eat, reading reviews, checking their Facebook…etc. It’s just really disrespectful to do that in the house of God. Just stop it.

4. Pray for things that are their responsibility

“Please pray that I’ll complete the project” I will, but at the end of the day, it is your station and you are tasked to do it. If you goofed off by wasting your time, then you need to face up to consequences as well. If you want that promotion or that job, you need to work for it. God opens up the opportunity, but you need to walk towards it first.

5. Disrespecting other denominations

“Those who speak in tongues show that they truly have the Holy Spirit in them.” “Those who speak in tongues are babbling nonsense” Start agreeing and stop the divide.

6. Random shouts of “Hallelujah!” “Praise Jesus!” “Preach it!” 

Self-control man. I know you’re excited. Take a mentos and cut down on the double shot espresso. There are others who are trying to listen and focus.

7. Informative prayers

Prayers that are more so like a mini-sermon. We don’t need more information. We need heaven to touch earth.

8. Selfish behaviour

Be it just coming to church to be served, or sitting on the first seat of the row and making it difficult for everyone to get into the row of seats just because you want to leave church quickly… it just reflects badly. Start mimicking Christ in how He washed the feet of His disciples

9. Be a welcome mat

See something wrong, Christians lack the guts to speak for what is right. Christians get trampled on because they want to be people-pleasers. Please God, not man. Yes, we are to live peaceably with others and show love; but that doesn’t mean we get trampled and bullied in the process.

10. Long worship services

I understand that one day we will be worshipping God forever. But until I get that new body where it doesn’t feel  tired, I’ve come to that age where standing for long extended periods of time doesn’t go well with my knees. And I can’t sit coz then I’ll have someone’s butt blocking the view of the lyrics and projector screen.

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