5 Things Christians need to repent

I have a book that I occasionally take out to read. I don’t particularly like reading it, but I see it as a necessity because it does me good. It’s “Jesus Freaks” by dc Talk. The term “Jesus Freaks” is meant to mean for someone who is crazy for Jesus. Being a Christian in Singapore is extremely safe and comfortable. Therefore, it is extremely dangerous and unhealthy for my soul.

This book “Jesus Freaks” is actually a book of stories of martyrs around the world who have died for the sake of the gospel. It reminds me in the midst of ISIS beheadings that God takes following Him extremely seriously.

Voice of the Martyrs

Voice of the Martyrs

So here are some things we need to repent of as Christians in Singapore:

1. Everything has to be perfect

The church must have air-con that’s not too cold. The pastor must be entertaining and convicting. The worship must be interesting but not full of new songs, not too loud, not too hip… There must be a sunday school. There’s must be polite people. It must be near to my house.

Seriously. Repent of these thoughts. It sickens God that we prioritise these comforts above Him. Give thanks that we don’t have to meet in secret like the many in countries of heavy persecution. Give thanks that you have a place you can actually serve openly! Give thanks you have a pastor who has gone through bible college.

2. Our busyness

Singaporeans are extremely pragmatic. When we serve, we think of the opportunity cost. “If I serve or commit to ministry, that means I get 30min less sleep on Sundays.” “If I serve, that means I can’t enjoy the worship.” “If I serve, that means I will have to smile and be nice to people rather than sitting comfy in the pews” “I’m just too busy on Sundays”

Seriously. Repent of these thoughts. It sickens God that the Lord of the Sabbath is made bottom of the list on the day of sabbath. Give thanks that you are given this day to fully be devoted to Him in heart, mind, body and soul. There are a thousand good reasons to not be devoted to Him, but only one to counter them all – you serve because you love Him.

3. Our disobedience

There’s a trend now. We will do something that is just against God’s will and have the boldness to ask Him to bless us. Then when He doesn’t answer that prayer, we accuse God for not answering our prayers. It may not be in the tone of accusations, but we say God hasn’t answered or is silent. A common trend is for Christians to go on trips alone with their boyfriend or girlfriend. Then they ask God to help them against temptations. Or another one, Christians sleeping with another Christian and asking God to bless their relationship. Or Christians dating non-christians, then asking God to open that non-believer’s heart so they can receive salvation. Christians filing for divorce and asking God to bless it.

Seriously. Repent of these actions and attitudes. God seeks obedience. Obedience is anchored upon faith that God is in control and He is good. God tells us to flee from temptations not entertain it. Doing so is in belief that He will bless you and protect you from harm that temptations will bring. If you’re already in such a situation, just put the brakes on. Cancel that solo trip together. Stop that fornications. Stop the dating. Get first things first. If your partner loves you, they will understand and respect your convictions. They will respect you and God.

4. Our spectatorship

We love going to a good movie. We love our F1 races. We love tv. We love plays. We love sitting and watching. We love sitting and watching a sermon, then head off on sunday not convicted – unchanged.

Seriously. Repent of these attitudes. The word of God is living and powerful to change lives – if they are willing to be open to it. God is more concerned with what we do with His word rather than how much we know about it. What if this Sunday you decided to put God’s word into action? Transformation requires action – not spectatorship

5. Our lack of prayer and reading

We love asking people to pray for us. We love hearing what others glean from God’s word. We don’t attend prayer meets, nor do we even commit to pray for our pastors and leaders and other cell group members regularly. We don’t even open the bible anywhere closer to the number of times we open our fridge.

Seriously. Repent. Stop being self-serving. We don’t eat food that has been pre-digested and regurgitated into our mouths like birds feeding their chicks do. God wants us to feed ourselves with solid food from His word. Stop depending on your leaders and pastors to keep you fed and spiritually accountable. You are accountable to God. No ones else can take your place in that judgement seat. Start living intentionally.

I write these things not with condemnation but with judgement. Judgement of wrong attitudes and behaviours by God’s people who are given His word and grace and have thrown it like rubbish. It doesn’t please Him one bit. Nor does it give the church a good testimony to the unbelieving world. God’s not into playing games. There are thousands of people dying for their faith in Christ on a yearly basis and here we are toying with these things. It’s an insult to those who have died for Christ.

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