My New Stand Mixer!

I recently purchased a stand mixer. Not having owned one prior to this, I had to rely on a hand mixer to fulfil all of my baking needs. As this was a heavy investment, I wanted to make sure that I got what was best to meet my needs.

Since I bake a lot more breads than cakes, I wanted something that could handle kneading tough doughs. I checked up reviews on kitchen aid and most bread bakers advise against it because the motor tends to burn out when handling bread dough. I checked it up at courts, and yep… it even says it on the back of the kitchen aids to not turn it on high for more than 10 mins. Given that it’s a 300W machine that looks really pretty… for that same price, I could get a much stronger machine.Β 

I decided on the Bosch Mum57830. It can pretty much handle anything thrown at it. From whisking one egg white to kneading wholewheat dough. I’m pretty sure it can handle ramen dough if I put it to the test. It cost me about $650 at this time of writing.

On getting it, I was very stoked! It has a very beautiful matte metal finish. All the pastry attachments are metal. It’s very easy to use. I tried using it to make a simple sourdough bread, and it handled it perfectly. I’ll be posting up more pictures of my baking adventures in due time.

Overall, I think it’s a wonderful machine. It’s elegant and powerful. At 900W, it can pretty much handle almost anything a home cook can throw at it.

With the silicone paddle attachment

With the silicone paddle attachment

With the whisk attachment

With the whisk attachment

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  1. Hi Chris,
    Thanks for this article.
    I’m also deciding on having a Bosch Mum57830.
    Did you try to make ciabatta dough with it? (i.e; high speed for 10 mins+)?

    Does the machine and the motor cope well?
    Also, how do you find the mixer thus far?

    Thanks for a reply,



    • No, I’ve not tried ciabatta yet. But ciabatta is a very wet dough so it shouldn’t have any problems. I’ve tried using it with wholemeal flour(very fibrous and hard dough) and the mixer did very well.

      For wet doughs, I’ve gone as far as 60% hydration which is very similar to ciabatta at high speed. No problems. I didn’t go to speed 7 as wet doughs splatter.

      I’ve used it for cakes, cookies, whipping cream, chiffon cakes, breads, even noodle doughs… No problems. The motor is a workhorse!

      Imo, borsch is a German company known for producing excellent products that use motors like drills, washing machines and dryers. So it’s no wonder they make excellent mixers because a mixer’s heart is the motor. I highly recommend it.


  2. With mixers it is really about you get what you pay for. My aunt gave us her Kitchen Aid because she got a Bosch. It is all about finding what you need and getting the right tool for the job. I hope your mixer works out for you.

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