Seeing Things Differently


One thing I’ve noticed about being a parent is how much my taught just loves to be carried. And it’s not just enough that she be hugged and held in close contact but that she be carried high. It’s so strange. I mean, think about it, a 10month old desires to see things and experience things from her parents’ perspective at such a young age. She may not consciously think about it like that but somehow built into her makeup is this feeling of restedness and security when she is lifted up. 

I would think it is the same for us as God’s children. We get angsty, fearful, frustrated and insecure when we are looking at things just from our perspective. All we see are obstacles in front of us – insurmountable ones. Sometimes, we get so fearful because we can’t see what’s behind the obstacles. I can understand how Livy feels. Don’t believe me, try crawling on your belly and look around you; you’d be terrified how scary and big furnitures can get!!

I remember of this story of Joshua and Caleb being sent to spy out the promised land together with other strong men. They all saw the same thing but they gave different reports. To the strong men of Israel, all they saw were giants and that they were like grasshoppers. But to Joshua and Caleb, they saw things from a different perspective, they understood how to properly handle problems. They were like little children asking the Father to carry them up so they get a true perspective of the obstacle and, more importantly – what’s behind the obstacle!

It helps to be like children before God. If we get fearful and uncertain about the obstacles around us, just ask God to carry you, be lifted up, and look at things from HIS perspective. And trust me on this, God the Father loves it when His children ask to be carried! Take it from a father’s heart. ;D

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