Review: Exodus, Gods and Kings


I managed to catch Exodus on the 23rd Dec. I was actually quite pumped up about it initially after having a terrible version of Noah.(Evan Almighty was better) Sadly, Exodus was so far off scripture that it did nothing to honour the works of the author – God.

Ok, I know there will be people out there who will be like… “But it’s meant to be a hollywood creative thing…” or that “You christians are always nit-picking on accuracy!”

Well, firstly – Shut up.

Secondly – I gripe whenever a book is made into a movie and the movie fails to be true to the book. Somehow hollywood loves to bastardise their movies from the original book they adapted from. It pisses me off because hollywood is trying to snub the author in the face and saying “we can make things better than the printed word” by adding more fluff. It is an issue of honouring the intellectual works of the author. I get pissed off when hollywood makes marvel or dc movies that aren’t close to the original story in the comics! Maybe partly, it is because I know that the movie is a fake story. And also, the characters aren’t portrayed accurately as in the comics that I had grown to love. But, how wonderful it is when movies portray books and their characters accurately!! Take the Lord of the Rings for example. Now, I had never read LOTR before the movie. But because the movie was so good, I decided to read the book and found that the movie was surprisingly accurate(minus the songs and heavy descriptions of what they ate). I have grown to love and appreciate the works of Tolkien. A shitty book-movie adaptation has the opposite effect. It discourages people from reading the book, and it dishonours the author.

So really, how messed up was exodus?

It would be likened to having Frodo having to fly a tie-fighter and using a light sabre. That’s how much shit was in the movie.

Some but not all of the problems with the movie:

1. God was portrayed as a little kid who had issues

God was a little kid who was just mean and unlikeable. He didn’t seem to care much about people in general and had some temper issues.

2. Scientifically explain the rush of unreasonable plagues

There was an effort to explain away the plagues scientifically by the advisor of Pharaoh. At the same time, the plagues were unrelentless and not specifically mentioned nor was any warning given. The truth is, Moses approached Pharaoh before each plague, warning him and pleading for him to release God’s people. And each time, Pharaoh refused. Also, the plagues affected only the Egyptians, not the Hebrews. The movie made it seem that God was punishing everyone.

3. Staff vs Sword

Throughout the movie, Moses was seen to be with his sword. In fact, it was the throwing of the sword into the red sea that triggered the parting of the sea. Truth is, the staff of Moses was a pivotal element. It was God’s specific instruction to use the staff to touch the river Nile to turn it into blood. It was the staff that parted the red sea. It was also the staff that later caused water to flow from a rock.

4. Moses was a madman

It was observed that Moses was a raging madman. He was seen talking to himself. And even in the burning bush encounter, it was portrayed as some dream rather than a reality. Truth is, Moses was very humble and soft spoken. So soft-spoken that he actually needed Arron to be his mouthpiece. He was always concerned for the people and always held God in high respect.

There are many more errors in the movie… but these are just some of the glaring ones. I hope that hollywood would do a much better job next time; if not, please just stick to being original rather than imitating a book and trying to do a better job of being creative.

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