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Ted: Why I stopped watching porn

Count on Me Singapore Chords

This year is my nation’s 50th year of independence. So in light of it, I was thinking of chording up some of our national day songs I used to sing when I was a kid. I really don’t like the new songs. They seriously sound like shit. Anyways, one of my favourite songs was “Count on Me Singapore”. The original sounds a lot better than the Dick Lee version. Originally written and sung by Clement Chow. It is a timeless classic. And sometimes, some things should remain the way they are because they are already perfect.  Read the rest of this entry

Handlettering: Discipleship

Blackboard / chalkboard texture. Empty blank black chalkboard wi

Tried improving on what I had previously done. It’s really difficult to scan out a very fine line. Somehow, once the paper goes through the scanner, it looks more… well.. jaggedish.

Chalk Genesis 1:1

chalk gen

A little bit more photoshopping and I’ve got a chalkboard memory verse without a chalkboard!



My church just started doing a monthly memory verse. This month’s is Genesis 1:1. I thought to try my hand at some creative memory work. I used a bunch of pens to create the typography above, then scanned it into photoshop to clean it up and then finally inverted the colours so that it was more of a chalkboardish picture. First attempt. Enjoyed crafting it out.

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