SES Bread Recipe

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It’s been a while since I tried making any new bread recipes. So I was thinking and dreaming of creating a SES (Simple and Extremely Soft) Bread recipe. When it comes to making soft breads, we usually see the asian milk bread recipe. Granted. It is pretty darn soft. It’s pillowy crumb makes it almost impossible for a bread knife to slice through.

Well, I think I’ve come up with one that can beat it. My SES Bread. It’s so soft that my bread knife really had a hard time going through. And it’s simple because it doesn’t require roux. It doesn’t have milk. It doesn’t even have sugar! Of course, you can add stuff to it if you wish to enhance the flavour, but I think it’s just beautiful the way it is.

So here’s the ingredient list by baker’s percentage:

BF – 92%

Cake Flour – 8%

Water – 68%

Salt – 2%

Yeast – 1 %

Butter – 10%

image-5 image-6


  1. Mix all the ingredients together except the butter. Knead it for about 10mins till it starts to come together, then add the butter.
  2. Knead it for about 20-25mins till you get a very good window pane. The dough may be slightly tacky, but it’ll be fine.
  3. Let it bulk proof for 90mins.
  4. Degas, shape it, then let it reproof for 90mins.
  5. Preheat oven to 200 degrees celcius and bake for 20mins.

image-3 image-4

They tend to be a little pale, but it doesn’t affect the taste. I guess if you wish to have some color, you can always add some egg wash. Also, I had one in a pullman loaf tin, so it was more like a sandwich bread.

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