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Watercolours: free hugs


Sheepy wants a hug.

Sakura micron with faber castle watercolours pencils

Watercolour: missing you

Drew out cat with Sakura micron. Used faber-castle water colour pencils and a waterbrush. First time using the waterbrush. So I didn’t get a good control of the water flow. The colours ran. But I still liked the effect from it. 

Watercolor: thinking of you

Lines with Sakura micron and colored with fabercastle watercolor pencils

Sleepy bird

On Sakura micron

DIY Playard/baby’s bed

IMG_2442 IMG_2445


Recently, I tasked myself to build a playard/baby cage for Livy. We’ve been using one we got at a baby fair for quite a while but Livy has just been getting stronger and taller that she’s now able to climb out of it quite easily. She’s not even 18months, so it’s a little worrying for us since she cannot understand dangers and articulate things well enough. I’ve searched all over and all the playards are at a max height of 60cm. I needed something that could really contain my kid.

So I decided to build one out of plc water pipes. Now, I’ve never used this stuff before but I figured…ehhh… what the hell…how hard could it be?? So I headed down to a hardware store and bought some supplies after I did some initial drawings and measurements. I wanted something that was about 80cm wide by 150cm long by 100 cm tall. And I wanted something that had a door because at 100cm high… it’s impossible even for me to climb in and out of it easily.  Read the rest of this entry

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