DIY Auto drying faucet base

I notice that it’s been an extremely long time since my last post. I’m not sure if people actually read my blogs since they are random ramblings and DIY things for my OCDness. Anyways, I’ve been busy with work, other projects for work and also I had just moved not too long ago.(I’ve still got a couple of boxes that I’ll likely unpack in the near-never)

So, part of my personality is that I’m slightly OCDish. I like my basins to be white and clean and dry. The problem is, the top of the basin where the faucet’s base sits on will always get wet. And when it gets wet, in due time, mould will start growing on the grouting and I get paranoid.

So I’ve come up with a simple and cheap solution to an annoying problem. No batteries and skill required. It’s so simple that even a kid can do it!

I simply got some paracord(you can use any kind of nylon string I guess. I would avoid natural fibres coz they will grow mould eventually), tied it around the faucet and let some of the string dangle down into the basin.

The idea is to use the capillary action of water and also the nature of water always travelling towards the lowest point.

I’m happy to report that my basins have been very dry and and puddles of water that come into contact with the string gets sucked up and drained down efficiently! Not only does this help to reduce the chance of mould growing on the grouting, but it also keeps the basin top nice and dry!



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