I love life! Just being curious about this blue dot in the cosmos and all the intricacies that come with it is just astounding! Some say it all came about by accident. I believe it’s a work of art! And it is this discovery and curiosity that leads me to be passionate about the things I do.

I love to teach. That’s why I’m a full time tutor. My blogs will be some sharing of my quirky styles and little annecdotes during my lessons.

I love to cook and bake. I think food brings people together. Hopefully my blogs will contain some of the recipes that I have discovered and give encouragement.

I love family and friends. What’s life if it isn’t about sharing those events with people we love?

I love art. I get inspired by how the creative process works. To most people, staring at a blank piece of paper is boring. But to artists, they see potential and get excited about it. Being about to translate what is imaged into reality is simply amazing!

I love God.

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