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Chalk Genesis 1:1

chalk gen

A little bit more photoshopping and I’ve got a chalkboard memory verse without a chalkboard!



My church just started doing a monthly memory verse. This month’s is Genesis 1:1. I thought to try my hand at some creative memory work. I used a bunch of pens to create the typography above, then scanned it into photoshop to clean it up and then finally inverted the colours so that it was more of a chalkboardish picture. First attempt. Enjoyed crafting it out.

Study hard!

Having fun with brush markers


Inking up Christmas

Just got some brush markers and I thought I’d give them a try.


Inktober Fest

Thanks to my friend Kaili for inspiring me to just doodle something in ink. I used a red pen and some correction fluid to create the ink drops.

Artists out there, let the ink flow this month!!!


Blank Paper

Art is absolutely fascinating to me! It is the creative mind that allows art to exist. So what does being creative mean? Simply, to be able to create something where there was nothing. To most of us, a blank piece of paper is boring. It may even give you a sense of drudgery. Thoughts of work. And pretty soon, you get weighed down, tired, uninspired and bored. Read the rest of this entry

Decoupage Handphone Casing


About a month ago I started this thing called decoupaging. It’s just a really fancy artsy fartsy name for gluing paper on stuff.(Trust the french to make simple things sound cheem… like “eau de toilette”, which is basically perfume lah)

Anyways, I think it’s a pretty fun art and craft thing to do and it makes it very simple to personalise a lot of stuff. All you need is some glue, brush, and patience. It’s a great project to do with kids rather than having everything bought with commercialised cartoon characters and whatnot.

Read the rest of this entry

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