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DIY Camera Lens Cover Holder

I’ve recently gotten myself a Sony a6500 camera. It’s been really fun using it. But the lens cover has been a very annoying thing. I constantly need to find it after I’ve taken it off and when I need to take a quick shot of something, I need to take it off and put it away quick enough while composing my shot.

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DIY Auto drying faucet base

I notice that it’s been an extremely long time since my last post. I’m not sure if people actually read my blogs since they are random ramblings and DIY things for my OCDness. Anyways, I’ve been busy with work, other projects for work and also I had just moved not too long ago.(I’ve still got a couple of boxes that I’ll likely unpack in the near-never)

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6 Ways to Increase Concentration and Focus in Kids


6 Ways to Increase Concentration and Focus in Kids

There’s an article that shows a rise in children having been diagnosed with ADHD. The inability or lack of ability to stay focused on a subject due to lack of interest is growing. Social media and multimedia are culprits that perpetuate this growth of lack of focus.  Read the rest of this entry

Hack Your Boogie Board!

I have an old Boogie Board (Probably the first generation) that has run out of battery. I love my boogie board simply because it writes like paper and it is paperless. It’s pressure sensitive so, it’s great for sketching as well. The boogie board is supposed to allow for about 3,000 erases. Now, that’s a lot. I’ve had mine for about 2 years until it finally ran out of juice.  Read the rest of this entry

Cheap DIY Brush and Paint organiser

I’ve got a handy little wooden box that I like to keep all my watercolour paint tubes and brushes. It also contains a couple of acrylic blocks to act as a makeshift palette. For the longest time, it was a simple thing of just dumping everything in the box and hopefully nothing gets lost. I hated it.


So, today I decided to make a little organiser. I used corrugated plastic cardboard for this. And black works fine for me as it gives a clean finish. So I started off by measuring the internal dimensions of the box and cutting out about 3-4 pieces. Read the rest of this entry

DIY Playard/baby’s bed

IMG_2442 IMG_2445


Recently, I tasked myself to build a playard/baby cage for Livy. We’ve been using one we got at a baby fair for quite a while but Livy has just been getting stronger and taller that she’s now able to climb out of it quite easily. She’s not even 18months, so it’s a little worrying for us since she cannot understand dangers and articulate things well enough. I’ve searched all over and all the playards are at a max height of 60cm. I needed something that could really contain my kid.

So I decided to build one out of plc water pipes. Now, I’ve never used this stuff before but I figured…ehhh… what the hell…how hard could it be?? So I headed down to a hardware store and bought some supplies after I did some initial drawings and measurements. I wanted something that was about 80cm wide by 150cm long by 100 cm tall. And I wanted something that had a door because at 100cm high… it’s impossible even for me to climb in and out of it easily.  Read the rest of this entry

4 Easy steps to Freedom from MioTV and Starhub Cable

For those in Singapore, we live on a little island with very few TV content providers. And with the slow death of DVD rentals, it seems we have no choice but to live with whatever this island has to offer for TV and media entertainment, namely our two biggest providers – Singtel and Starhub. netflix-logo Read the rest of this entry

Update: Moth Ball Bomb!

Ginormous moth ball bomb!

Ginormous moth ball bomb!

It’s almost 15 days to my drain flies extermination project. I’ve not seen any drain flies for the past couple of days. The numbers have dropped significantly in just 7 days. I also ran out of moth balls. I went to NTUC and found this massive ginormous tennis ball sized moth ball for only $0.85!! The best part about it is that I don’t have to keep refilling the moth balls everyday!

Friday will mark the 15th day, which should be the end of their life cycle. If everything goes well, I shouldn’t see these drain flies anymore. But as a precautionary, I’m just leaving my massive moth ball there till it sublimates completely.

Check before you buy an iPhone

Mobile phone theft has always been an issue. I remember when my phone was accidentally left in a cab and I immediately called the phone; only to have the phone switched off.(a**hole!) After numerous times of trying and using “Find my iPhone”, it came to nothing. I reported to the police. Up to today, they have not found it – it’s been 3 years.

So when the touchID came, I was very excited. And remote locking the phone helped a lot as well.

But what if you’re on the other side of the fence trying to buy a used iPhone? How would you know if you bought a locked iPhone?

Well, simple…

Just go to

Type in the serial number of the phone which can be located on the sim card slot.

Screen Shot 2014-10-03 at 11.06.24 am

Tada! You get to see the activation lock status of that phone immediately! Now if you do realise you have a stolen phone that someone’s pushing to sell to you; don’t buy it! Walk away, make a police report and have the cops search these guys and return all the stolen phones back to their previous owners! You just became a superhero. Now, pat yourself on the back and grab and ice-cream. =)

Math Cookies

I baked some chocolate chip cookies for my students just two days ago. They loved it so much that they asked me for the recipe. So I thought, well…. why not let them work for it? Read the rest of this entry

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