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Update: Moth Ball Bomb!

Ginormous moth ball bomb!

Ginormous moth ball bomb!

It’s almost 15 days to my drain flies extermination project.Β I’ve not seen any drain flies for the past couple of days. The numbers have dropped significantly in just 7 days. I also ran out of moth balls. I went to NTUC and found this massive ginormous tennis ball sized moth ball for only $0.85!! The best part about it is that I don’t have to keep refilling the moth balls everyday!

Friday will mark the 15th day, which should be the end of their life cycle. If everything goes well, I shouldn’t see these drain flies anymore. But as a precautionary, I’m just leaving my massive moth ball there till it sublimates completely.

Quick, cheap and easy way to get rid of drain flies

Drain flies are horrible! They breed and live off slime and gunk in drains. And they’re almost impossible to get rid off. I’ve searched the internet for various solutions from pouring boiling water into drain, to pouring in vinegar with baking soda, to scrubbing the inside of the drain( Blehh….) I checked with exterminators, it’ll cost about $200 for a visit and they’d need to do multiple visits because these flies can come back. Like… what the heck man! $200 to get rid of these damn flies?!?!?Β  Read the rest of this entry

Make a Space Burrito!

Here’s a recipe for space burrito! (Just in case if you do happen to go to space!) ;D

Wringing a wet towel in space

Can you actually wring a towel dry in space?

What happens when you cry in space?

This is so cool. If you cry enough in space, you might actually breathe in your own tears!

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