Watercolor: thinking of you

Lines with Sakura micron and colored with fabercastle watercolor pencils

Sleepy bird

On Sakura micron

DIY Playard/baby’s bed

IMG_2442 IMG_2445


Recently, I tasked myself to build a playard/baby cage for Livy. We’ve been using one we got at a baby fair for quite a while but Livy has just been getting stronger and taller that she’s now able to climb out of it quite easily. She’s not even 18months, so it’s a little worrying for us since she cannot understand dangers and articulate things well enough. I’ve searched all over and all the playards are at a max height of 60cm. I needed something that could really contain my kid.

So I decided to build one out of plc water pipes. Now, I’ve never used this stuff before but I figured…ehhh… what the hell…how hard could it be?? So I headed down to a hardware store and bought some supplies after I did some initial drawings and measurements. I wanted something that was about 80cm wide by 150cm long by 100 cm tall. And I wanted something that had a door because at 100cm high… it’s impossible even for me to climb in and out of it easily.  Read the rest of this entry

Handlettering: You and Me Forever

SES Bread Recipe

image image-2

It’s been a while since I tried making any new bread recipes. So I was thinking and dreaming of creating a SES (Simple and Extremely Soft) Bread recipe. When it comes to making soft breads, we usually see the asian milk bread recipe. Granted. It is pretty darn soft. It’s pillowy crumb makes it almost impossible for a bread knife to slice through. Read the rest of this entry

Hand lettering: Elivia


Hand lettering: psalm 118


Ted: Why I stopped watching porn

Count on Me Singapore Chords

This year is my nation’s 50th year of independence. So in light of it, I was thinking of chording up some of our national day songs I used to sing when I was a kid. I really don’t like the new songs. They seriously sound like shit. Anyways, one of my favourite songs was “Count on Me Singapore”. The original sounds a lot better than the Dick Lee version. Originally written and sung by Clement Chow. It is a timeless classic. And sometimes, some things should remain the way they are because they are already perfect.  Read the rest of this entry

Handlettering: Discipleship

Blackboard / chalkboard texture. Empty blank black chalkboard wi

Tried improving on what I had previously done. It’s really difficult to scan out a very fine line. Somehow, once the paper goes through the scanner, it looks more… well.. jaggedish.

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