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Review: Shoebox app


I’ve been very frustrated with iCloud for a while already. It does a decent job at backing up and syncing the photos into the cloud, but the space of 10Gb is so stinking little that I’m forced to delete photos from my cloud storage. So yes, I decided to try out Flickr. Flickr was a pain to use. It was lag, and it took up 2Gb on my iPhone. That’s a good 12.5% of my meagre iPhone space. I know, there are some of you who are frickin rich and have like 128Gb. Well, good for you. But for the rest of the normal people like me, I have to find an alternative solution. Read the rest of this entry

Yeast and the Bible

I’ve begun to appreciate and understand the bible better lately because of my interest in baking sourdough bread. Sourdough is essentially leaven that uses wild yeast rather than commercial yeast. My sourdough culture has been going strong for a couple of months now. It’s actually quite a precious thing because it can do very amazing stuff to dough. It is the yeast which gives the dough its flavour and “breadness” taste. It is also the yeast which causes bread to be light and airy. This sourdough culture must be fed continuously. With proper feeding, it can be passed down for generations!!

Which brings me to the bible. I’ve always been taught that the Passover was first observed by the Israelites by eating unleavened bread because they had to leave Egypt in haste. I mean, that kinda made sense…. after all, it does take at least 3-6 hours for yeast to properly leaven dough. But logically, it would have made better sense if God commanded them to just leave WITHOUT eating any bread right? I mean, there are other things that are quicker to cook like meat or even grains like barley. Unleavened bread still takes time to bake. You gotta get the oven hot, you gotta knead the dough, you gotta bake it, you gotta cool it down. So really, I don’t think it is right to say that the unlearn bread was to remind the Israelites to that they left Egypt in haste. If that isn’t convincing enough, how about this – God was in perfect control of the timing of everything. So, why did He have to rush His people if He was in control of time and the order of events?

I think the answer lies in the sourdough. See, to a baker, the sourdough is very precious. Imagine if that sourdough culture had been passed down to you from your great great grand parents? And it’s that same sourdough culture that’s also being used by everyone in your family tribe. So when God is saying not to eat unleavened bread, I believe He was telling His people to not use their leaven or even bring it with them to the promised land. It’s the idea of leaving behind a life that was past – the bad and the good. It’s not easy to get a sourdough culture again, and it almost takes a certain kind of faith to start afresh.

Yes, the Feast of the Unleavened bread is about starting afresh. And I believe that’s why we celebrate it. It gives us the reminder that God is with us through new beginnings that He calls us into. After all, this same message is repeated by Jesus that we need new wineskin for new wine. And again He says the old has gone, the new has come. And again in revelations, He says “I have come to make all things new”. God is a god of new beginnings. That’s why we have hope when we trust in Him.

My New Stand Mixer!

I recently purchased a stand mixer. Not having owned one prior to this, I had to rely on a hand mixer to fulfil all of my baking needs. As this was a heavy investment, I wanted to make sure that I got what was best to meet my needs.

Since I bake a lot more breads than cakes, I wanted something that could handle kneading tough doughs. I checked up reviews on kitchen aid and most bread bakers advise against it because the motor tends to burn out when handling bread dough. I checked it up at courts, and yep… it even says it on the back of the kitchen aids to not turn it on high for more than 10 mins. Given that it’s a 300W machine that looks really pretty… for that same price, I could get a much stronger machine.Β  Read the rest of this entry

Update: Moth Ball Bomb!

Ginormous moth ball bomb!

Ginormous moth ball bomb!

It’s almost 15 days to my drain flies extermination project.Β I’ve not seen any drain flies for the past couple of days. The numbers have dropped significantly in just 7 days. I also ran out of moth balls. I went to NTUC and found this massive ginormous tennis ball sized moth ball for only $0.85!! The best part about it is that I don’t have to keep refilling the moth balls everyday!

Friday will mark the 15th day, which should be the end of their life cycle. If everything goes well, I shouldn’t see these drain flies anymore. But as a precautionary, I’m just leaving my massive moth ball there till it sublimates completely.

The Precious Heart

What will a hardened heart cost us? What does our heart hold?

Livy’s 8th month

Livy just turned 8months yesterday. Achievement awarded!

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Singapore’s Jubilee!


Next year is our nation’s 50th year of independence! It’s such a big deal that babies born next year will even have special birth certificates!! Who knows, maybe they may even turn off ERP for the month of August? Or Issue GST rebate vouchers to all citizens?

But really, what’s this “jubilee” word har? Sounds like chinese for “pig compare strength”! Read the rest of this entry

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