6 Ways to Increase Concentration and Focus in Kids


6 Ways to Increase Concentration and Focus in Kids

There’s an article that shows a rise in children having been diagnosed with ADHD. The inability or lack of ability to stay focused on a subject due to lack of interest is growing. Social media and multimedia are culprits that perpetuate this growth of lack of focus. 

If one takes time to look at television programs over the span of the past 20 years, we’d notice that scene changes happen faster. Currently, most movies have a scene or camera pan change every 2 seconds. MTV has a change every 1 second or lesser. This constant and rapid change of focus trains our mind to be hyper stimulated. It also conditions our minds to crave these stimulations otherwise boredom sets in.

Up till now, teachers and parents are at a loss on how to combat the lack of attention and focus of children. The best we can do is to reduce screen time(tv, mobile devices). However, removal of an activity always requires proper replacement otherwise there would be a void that would be quickly filled with other bad habits.

Here are some activities you may wish to try and get your kids to do to build up their mental concentration:

1. Keeping a Journal


Journal keeping is a lost art in this day and age. Keeping journals actually help us to exercise our memory and it inculcates a time of reflection. Yes, it does take a little effort to keep journals, but things are much easier with technology. I personally use DayOne for my journaling but you may wish to try other apps that will suit your preference.


2. Reading


It’s silly to even mention this but you’ll be surprised how many kids don’t have a habit of reading. Many kids when asked if they’ve read a certain book, they’ll say they haven’t but they’ll watch the movie when it comes out.

Reading not only develops the language center of the brain but it also builds up a the imagination of children. Everyone imagines differently, and that’s the beauty of reading. When it comes to movies, the heroes and villains are already typecast as this ethic group who look and talk in that certain way. We cannot teach kids how to be creative but reading allows them to create those worlds of imaginary friends and creatures.

A good tool to have is to get a kindle. I love my kindle as it has a built in dictionary and it doesn’t contain distractors like a tablet does.


3. Playing Chess


Chess is just one of those classic games that helps the player to focus and think steps ahead. If your kid has problems making careless mistakes in math, let them learn and play chess. It indirectly teaches children to make careful steps and to pay attention to details around them.

Both Chinese and international chess are wonderful games to learn and play.


4. Doing crafts


Any craft work requires a certain amount of imagination, planning and patience to see it to completion. Drop by the local craft store and pick up a new hobby. There was a time when kids went nuts about rainbow looms.

Some suggested crafts that are kids friendly are making friendship bracelets, decoupaging, stamping and card making, colouring, drawing, painting, painting by numbers, foil carving, knitting, crocheting, model building and calligraphy.


5. Learning a musical instrument


Learning to play music requires not just a good listening ear, but also a lot of memory work to understand score notations and even to memorise entire musical pieces. Needless to say, it will help build up a kid’s confidence and perseverance.


6. Meditation


Meditation has been practiced by people through the ages of different ethnic groups and religions. Meditation may not be religious. It is simply the practice of calming one’s mind and learning to focus.

One of my student’s parent runs meditation courses for children. (No commission, just spreading the good word)


Having focus is a trained ability. It will take time but it will be worthwhile for children in the long run. Hope this helps!


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