Livy’s Passport Photo

Cheeky Livy

Amy advised me to start a blog recently. She said that I had all these weird stories and recipes; and that I should share them with not just my friends, but the world. So I guess, here’s my first blog.

So, lately, my cousin-in-law has been wanting to organise a trip for a bunch of us to go to Malacca for a short trip. Elivia has not gone on ANY trips yet. And we, as young and new parents, are a little anxious about it.

We know that it’s possible for Livy to travel with us by hitch-hiking onto one of our passports.(Yes, it sounds parasitic. In fact, children often seem to suck the life out of their parents like parasites do!) But we decided on making a passport for Livy. Thank God that ICA allows for online applications! So all we needed was a photo of Livy with a white background.

That was pretty simple. Just lie her on her back on the bed with white sheets and get her to smile. The trick is to use the iPhone’s burst shot mode by just holding down the shutter. And viola! We got Livy’s cheeky smile. I hope her smile will bring a smile onto those immigration officers. I’m pretty sure they get bored looking at boring photos in passports everyday!

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