DIY Camera Lens Cover Holder

I’ve recently gotten myself a Sony a6500 camera. It’s been really fun using it. But the lens cover has been a very annoying thing. I constantly need to find it after I’ve taken it off and when I need to take a quick shot of something, I need to take it off and put it away quick enough while composing my shot.

I’ve looked on the internet for a simple and cheap solution to it.(for those who have been reading my blogs, I’m all about simple and cheap) Some lens cap holders had this string attached to it. I didn’t like it coz it would cause the lens cap to dangle and make a noise when it hits the camera. Others had this clip. I bought one but it took some effort to clip the lens cap in properly; and the clip itself had a nasty habit of slipping off my camera strap.

So instead, I went over to Daiso and got a packets of neodymium magnets. I used UHU all purpose glue and glued a couple of these tiny but very strong magnets to the plastic part of my strap(peak design lite) and got a stainless steel self aligning bracket and UHU glued it to my lens cap.

I’m happy to report that it works perfectly! The lens cap is extremely secure and also very easy to access. I chose not to glue the magnets to the lens cap coz I wasn’t sure if the close proximity to the magnets might affect the camera.


These are the magnets glued to the strap.


Here’s the stainless steel bracket glued to my lens cap. I might paint over it to give it a more finished look.


These are the magnets from Daiso.

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