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Review: Shoebox app


I’ve been very frustrated with iCloud for a while already. It does a decent job at backing up and syncing the photos into the cloud, but the space of 10Gb is so stinking little that I’m forced to delete photos from my cloud storage. So yes, I decided to try out Flickr. Flickr was a pain to use. It was lag, and it took up 2Gb on my iPhone. That’s a good 12.5% of my meagre iPhone space. I know, there are some of you who are frickin rich and have like 128Gb. Well, good for you. But for the rest of the normal people like me, I have to find an alternative solution. Read the rest of this entry

Seeing Things Differently


One thing I’ve noticed about being a parent is how much my taught just loves to be carried. And it’s not just enough that she be hugged and held in close contact but that she be carried high. It’s so strange. I mean, think about it, a 10month old desires to see things and experience things from her parents’ perspective at such a young age. She may not consciously think about it like that but somehow built into her makeup is this feeling of restedness and security when she is lifted up.Β  Read the rest of this entry

Good morning!


Lately, Livy has developed a habit of waking up earlier and singing to herself in the mornings. Then she would proceed on to reaching through the grills on the cot to grab my blanket or my toes(she has a strange obsession with my toes!). And lastly, she would start picking toys from her bed and tossing them at me.

Yes… Daddy is awake now. =.='”

And finally when I get up, she’ll give me this cheerful smile. Almost to say, “good morning daddy”

Livy’s 8th month

Livy just turned 8months yesterday. Achievement awarded!

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Singapore Botanical Gardens

Bringing the family out doesn’t have to be expensive to be fun. I get it. There are some parents out there who bring their kids to Disneyland at the age of 1month to give them the best experience possible. I have a different opinion. I think it doesn’t really matter WHERE the place is, as long as the activity is meaningful.Β  Read the rest of this entry

Singapore’s Jubilee!


Next year is our nation’s 50th year of independence! It’s such a big deal that babies born next year will even have special birth certificates!! Who knows, maybe they may even turn off ERP for the month of August? Or Issue GST rebate vouchers to all citizens?

But really, what’s this “jubilee” word har? Sounds like chinese for “pig compare strength”! Read the rest of this entry

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