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Cheap DIY Brush and Paint organiser

I’ve got a handy little wooden box that I like to keep all my watercolour paint tubes and brushes. It also contains a couple of acrylic blocks to act as a makeshift palette. For the longest time, it was a simple thing of just dumping everything in the box and hopefully nothing gets lost. I hated it.


So, today I decided to make a little organiser. I used corrugated plastic cardboard for this. And black works fine for me as it gives a clean finish. So I started off by measuring the internal dimensions of the box and cutting out about 3-4 pieces. Read the rest of this entry

New Copic markers test

Just did some testing with my new Copic markers I got last night.

Watercolours: free hugs


Sheepy wants a hug.

Sakura micron with faber castle watercolours pencils

Watercolour: missing you

Drew out cat with Sakura micron. Used faber-castle water colour pencils and a waterbrush. First time using the waterbrush. So I didn’t get a good control of the water flow. The colours ran. But I still liked the effect from it. 

Watercolor: thinking of you

Lines with Sakura micron and colored with fabercastle watercolor pencils

Sleepy bird

On Sakura micron

Handlettering: You and Me Forever

Hand lettering: Elivia


Hand lettering: psalm 118


Handlettering: Discipleship

Blackboard / chalkboard texture. Empty blank black chalkboard wi

Tried improving on what I had previously done. It’s really difficult to scan out a very fine line. Somehow, once the paper goes through the scanner, it looks more… well.. jaggedish.

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